History of the city brewery Ruimtegist

The beautiful Broel towers are a unique cityscape in Kortrijk. They are the final piece of what used to be the city fortifications around the Buda Island. The name Buda comes from the 17th century after the similar fortifications that were built in the Hungarian city of Budapest.
Kortrijk archives already point to a brewery at our house number 12 in the 16th century called 'Den Anker' and later brewery 'De Noble'. The Buda Island is surrounded by the Lys and at that time brewing was done with Lys water.

Also from this medieval period came the most famous brewery of the Buda Island, brewery Tack. The Buda Tower is still a remnant of this and was a cooling tower for low-fermentation beers. In the end, this last brewery on the island closed its doors in 1962.
Ruimtegist pancarte
After 58 years, our city brewery Ruimtegist ensures that a real brewery is once again located in the heart of Kortrijk. More than that, a good 300 years after 'Den Anker', the circle is complete.

Our building was for a long time the very well known pastry shop Slosse. Here too, the link is quickly made because both a baker and a brewer know the Maillard reaction. Just think of the delicious smell of freshly baked bread or the sweet smell of mashing during the brewing process. After the bakery, it became a beer bar where we brew craft beers as an independent brewery. Behind large windows you can see us stirring in the brew kettles in an artisanal way.
At the Buda Island we continue to experiment on our small craft brewing kettles. This allows us to further refine our recipes on a small scale and to continue doing what we love to do, which is brewing! For the large volumes we can count on a top cooperation with The Brew Society from Kortrijk. Located barely one and a half kilometres from our city brewery. After repeatedly brewing in our own brew kettles, we pass on our recipes to this professional brewery. This gives us the space to further develop our city brewery in a sustainable way and to focus on our new recipes and experiments.
Completely unique, proprietary recipes that we've churned out after 10 years of brewing. With no additives and completely vegan.
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Arn & Egbert

Arn en Egbert van Brouwerij Ruimtegist
Arn (1985) is a journalist by training and the father of three children, Remus, Mado and Toots. "With a lot of enthusiasm and passion I am working on our microbrewery as a unique urban project. There is nothing more fun than doing business in a centuries-old tradition with modern challenges!”

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Egbert (1985) is a surveyor by training. "Developing, brewing and tasting our own beers is a fantastic, educational experience every time. Our microbrewery now is the ideal way to let people enjoy our passion."

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Crowdfunding - Beer for life

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As a participatory project, we want to merge with Kortrijk and we very deliberately launched our start up through crowdfunding. With success! More than 80 enthusiasts have subscribed to our project and thus helped finance the city brewery. In return, our ambassadors will receive lifelong beer from us. They also get a say in finding new beer names and may give suggestions for new brews. This sounding board is invaluable to us. The crowdfunders will also be the first to taste our new beers and participate in various events we organize as a brewery.
A thousand thanks for believing in us! We can't stress it enough.

Our crowdfunding was recently restarted! Want to know more?

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Every working day by appointment from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
During the weekend by appointment.